Business Retirement Plans


Many of our clients have their own businesses. As a business, we at Stonepath Wealth Management personally understand the risks and rewards involved with self-employment and entrepreneurship, and the importance of making smart investments for the business and for employees. Retirement plans for employees are vital because the better you treat your employees, the more vested they will be in working to grow the business. Thus, we are passionate about setting up the right plan to suit the individual needs of our business clients.

What’s the Best Fit for your Business?

There are many business retirement strategies, some we work the most with are: A Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP), a Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE), a Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan, and an Owner K 401(k) Plan.

SEP Plan

With a SEP plan, a business owner can make contributions to traditional IRAs set up for employees. A SEP is suitable for businesses of any size, but is most common among the self-employed and smallest businesses.

Simple IRA

A SIMPLE IRA Plan is, as the acronym suggests, relatively simple. Unlike the SEP Plan, in the SIMPLE Plan both employers and employees make contributions to a traditional IRA. This is ideal for employees who would like to stash away more cash than normal. Because of its ease and convenience, it is also a good choice for small business employers starting retirement plans for the first time.

Safe Harbor 401(K)

A Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan is a specific 401(k) plan that allows employees to be actively involved in their retirement investments. Oftentimes, small business owners do not set up 401(k) plans for their employees because the non-discrimination clauses can be very difficult to follow. However, in 1996 The Small Business Job Protection Act was passed, creating the Safe Harbor 401(k) plan and simplifying the ways to meet the non-discrimination criteria for small-business owners.

Owner K 401(K)

Finally, the Owner K 401(k) is designed for small businesses with no employees except for the owner and the owner`s spouse. The Owner K allows business owners to invest cash that is tax-deductible, and to realize earnings that are tax-deferred.

Business retirement plans can be complex, and there are many more options available. Our team members are well versed in a variety of plans for your business – large or small.

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