Tax Planning and Preparation

Stonepath Wealth Management offers forward-thinking tax planning and tax preparation services that are fully integrated into your financial plan. We are able to prepare personal and business returns, from simple to very complex. Our in house tax advisors work with you alongside our financial advisors to ensure your investment strategies and tax strategies are aligned.

The tax advisors at Stonepath Wealth Management are experienced, credentialed and well versed on the ever-changing tax code. We proactively manage your personal and business tax issues, and analyze how upcoming business decisions or life events can impact your tax situation.

Effectively managing your tax liability is a life-long process. As your individual situation progresses, so do your needs. Here are a few examples:

New parents want to have a strategy to save for college while still paying down student loans.

Middle-aged small business owners want to figure out ways to lower their taxable income.

Third Generation children sell their family business and need to figure out ways to make the sale as tax efficient as possible.

Retired grandparents exploring options to gift money to their family and favorite charity in the most tax effective manner.

Your financial advisor and tax advisor will work together to help ensure your strategy is well thought out and implemented properly. If you have an outside tax advisor that you work with, we are happy to work alongside them as well.

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